Giving Back on Her Second Birthday

How is sweet Seraphina already turning 2 this Friday?! At this age, she’s starting to understand how happy birthdays (and any kind of party!) make us feel. So naturally, Monica thought of how to make it unbelievably special for her. But as she went through the details, she thought of how there are many kids who won’t be celebrating birthdays this year. Some parents won’t have a home to gather their loved ones in and they won’t have the money to buy a cake or presents.

One of the main things we’re wanting to do more of is giving back and giving back during a birthday party and thinking about kids who are less fortunate is a perfect example.

On that note, Monica researched a local Dallas organization and found Hope Supply Co., a nonprofit focusing on meeting the needs of homeless and at-risk children. The group provides children necessities including diapers, clothing, school supplies, toys and programs to enhance their lives.

One way to help is to give “Hope in a Box.” Volunteers gift wrap shoe boxes and fill them with small gifts and surprises for a child of a specified age and gender.

Monica filled a Polka-dot covered box with pencils, paints, stickers, a party hat and other goodies along with a birthday card. She and Fifi dropped it off yesterday morning. We’re thinking it’s a new tradition to do during the month of her birthday 🙂

Kids can make a magical difference in the life of a child who loves the same toys, music and shows, and they should also feel the same birthday joy.



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