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Discover The World of Interior Designer Jacquin Headen

Creative Dallas-based entrepreneur Jacquin Headen is the owner of Interiors by Jacquin, an interior design business, home decor brand, and luxury lifestyle blog showcasing interior design, global style and art. Jacquin offers in-home decorating, e-design, and personal shopping services, and you can shop her recently-launched collection of throw pillows and home decor at the Interiors by Jacquin online shop.

Jacquin Headen also is a traveling speaker presenting on entrepreneurship and offering negotiation training seminars, in addition to being a talented designer with a warm and contemporary aesthetic.

Just back from London, where she was was recognized as a finalist under the “Best Interior Designer Blog” category at the Amara Interior Blog Awards, the creative tastemaker took time out of her busy schedule to talk with The Six and Five about her signature mix of textiles, design philosophy and new body of work.

1.) You implement your artistic skills for work, whether designing home decor for your collection or helping clients select artwork. Name your greatest success.

My greatest success would be creating my first collection of home decor pillows. I learned a lot throughout the process and I was so proud and excited to finally hold my own pillow designs when they were ready. I started the process for my original throw pillows by painting various patterns using watercolors and then assembling them into my favorite design combinations. I love that I started all of my designs using a hand-painted technique, which really added to the excitement of seeing the Interiors by Jacquin pillows manufactured for the first time.

Interiors by Jacquin “Fiesta” pillows are available at the online shop.

2. At what point in your life did you first learn about your field of work? What called you to it?

I actually changed career paths from law to design, which people generally find very interesting. I was always a creative individual growing up and I spent much of my childhood and high school years oil painting in my basement at home. Despite my highly creative years before college, I never considered pursuing a creative career path and had determined that a legal career would be a more stable career option. After graduating from law school and working in law, I found that continuing life without pursuing my creative passion just wouldn’t be the right choice for me in the long term. With an already highly-developed aesthetic eye, I forged my way into the design industry self-teaching along the way. After 5 years working as a decorator and now designer, I am now exploring more ways to include my artistry in my business, which has manifested in creating a collection of shibori table linens and greeting cards featuring my original artwork illustrations. My current creative path just feels right! I am so happy I took the leap!

3. You regularly speak on creative paths and creative entrepreneurships. What is the best business advice you received when starting out?

Some of the best advice I received on my entrepreneurial journey is a done of reality on the time it takes to establish a profitable business in just about any industry. I learned that it typically takes 5 years to launch a successfully, sustainable and profitable business. I was shocked when I learned this, but this piece of advice/information really encouraged me to pace myself and expect that it will not be an overnight process. Having realistic expectations will help a new entrepreneur to keep a level head throughout the ups and downs. Understanding from the beginning that there will be ups and downs and that it simply takes time (and hard work!) will go a long way.

4. What is your personal motto?

If I had to choose a personal motto it would be that luxury can be accessible to everyone! Styling and curating your home within your personal budget is always worthwhile. Making an effort to elevate your space will be incredibly rewarding, even if sourcing your decor from budget outlets like Target, HomeGoods or Ikea. Creating a luxurious ambiance is still possible on a budget. My hope is that everyone can come home after a long day of work to a space they truly enjoy!

Interiors by Jacquin Bedroom Home Tour. Photos by Esther Huynh.

5. What’s your favorite part of your workspace?

There are 3 things that I love about my workspace. The first is the marble table I work at. This luxurious work table sets the tone for my creativity and inspires me to continue to create luxury-quality products and blog content. I also love that my workspace is filled with colorful artwork and plants, which is so necessary when spending hours at a time at my workspace. Keeping live plants and inspiring artwork around makes it possible for me to sit in one place working for long durations. Check out Interiors by Jacquin’s latest article on maximizing your home office for inspiration on making your own workspace a place you’ll love to work!

6. Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in browsing artwork, galleries and visiting libraries. I love when I can introduce my decorating clients to a fresh, new aesthetic that transforms their home. Doing research at local libraries is one of my go-to sources for inspiration. I generally walk around the library collecting a huge stack of books on all sorts of topics and then flip through them, taking notes on business and design ideas.

Also, keeping abreast on global artwork and up-and-coming artists has inspired both my blog content and my home decor design work. I enjoy creating spaces and decor that have a fine-art aesthetic, combining the best of vibrant colors and sophisticated design. Creating a magazine-worthy space is always a goal of mine when working with design clients and staying creatively inspired is an important part of this!

Illustrated greeting cards by designer Jacquin Headen

7. What would you like to see more of in the world?

I would love to see more people decorating with color and I would love to see more people pursuing creative career paths. In reference to decorating, I find that many people want their home to be a luxurious and inspired space, but are afraid to step out of the box to accomplish this. These individuals may stick to exclusively neutral or white color palettes simply because they do not know how to curate a more original and inspired space. My advice is to give color a try at home! You may need to hire a decorator to ensure that the addition of new colors is executed professionally and stylishly, but with the help of a company like Interiors by Jacquin, you can rest assured that your new colorful space will be both warm and sophisticated. Interiors by Jacquin is now also offering personal shopping services for home decor, in addition to e-design and in-home decorating services, so transforming your home or office has never been easier. On the topic of creative career paths, I would love to see the next generation fo young people embrace using their creative talents as their career!

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