A few of our favorite cake stands for desserts and other creative uses

There’s something about adding a cake stand to a kitchen counter or dining space that makes cakes, cupcakes or fruit displayed atop it special and elegant. Here are some of our favorite ways to give that sweet confection the pedestal it deserves.


What we like about this gold-finished cake stand by CB2 is its understated elegance and versatility ($54.95). You could use the round platform and metallic color for just about any type of treat throughout the year. We suggest going to your local craft store and adding a glass dome for decorative purposes.


Here’s that piece that’s keeping things pretty and simple. This porcelain cake plate ($79.95) by Williams-Sonoma with its looped borders adds a delicate touch to any presentation. We could picture a few mini glass vases filled with fresh and bright colors atop the base, too.


One of our favorite contrasts is the mix of wood and marble. It’s a sleek way to modernize any look and this Crate & Barrel pedestal ($54.95) could be used with a mix of cheeses, grapes and cold cuts.


How could we not include something pink? What we particularly love about this Pottery Barn pressed glass cupcake stand ($10) is that for one, it’s exclusively made for a cupcake, and two, the vintage look makes us think of the intricate detailing evoking a bygone era. Yes, it can be used for dessert but you could add mini croissants or even a pillar candle.

This stand is a tasteful and classic design for all decor needs. The plate sold at Wal Mart ($33.22) can be used in a variety of ways, from brunch and special dinners to holiday gatherings and birthday celebrations. Consider using colorful fruit and placing it on a side table or even putting it on a dresser to display jewelry.


Lead photo by Ashley Rose Photography

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